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Cleaning Tips

St Andrews Cleaning

Cleaning the Oven

Fed up of spending ages scrubbing the inside of your oven - Follow these simple tips and your cooker will be sparkling in no time.

1) Open your oven and sprinkle the door, bottom of the oven and oven roasting tray with bicarbonate of soda.

2) Using a water spray, spray the soda until damp and leave to sit for a few hours before wiping out with a wet sponge.

Remember to line your oven with foil when cooking anything that might spill over - this will save vaulauble cleaning time at a later date.

Cleaning Kitchen Surfaces

Kitchen worktops can be breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

Make sure you know how to clean different materials for maximum results.

* Porcelain and ceramic

Porcelain and ceramic surfaces are beautiful - follow these tips to help them stay that way.

1) Prevent damage from acids and harsh abrasives by washing with warm or hot soapy water.

2) For light stains try warm water and vinegar.

* Stainless steel

Stainless steel is great for resisting stains but it will dull over time and show oily fingerprints.

1) To remove rust, mix one part cream of tartar with a little lemon juice and apply the paste to the rust stains and rub in. If the rust is heavily embedded, leave the paste for a few hours. When finished, wipe clean.

2) Get a sparkling finish by removing streaks with baking soda and a cloth.

3) Standing water in a stainless steel basin can cause spotting, prevent this by wiping the sink dry after each use.

4) Remember not to use coarse scouring materials as this will scratch the surface.

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